Analyzing Financial Decisions

Businesses are constantly faced with difficult financial decisions:

  • Adding staff
  • Buying buildings
  • Buying equipment
  • Adding locations
  • Setting pricing

Do you know how to do the financial analysis for these decisions to make a good investment?

Even if you do, hundreds of studies show that people are prone to decision-making mistakes. Some examples are:

  • Using a simplistic “rule of thumb”
  • Being swayed by irrelevant numbers
  • Trying to answer a hard question by answering one that’s easier but doesn’t solve the problem

Here are tips and tools to help you make good decisions for your business

Get Access to the Full Finance and Strategy Toolkit

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards

KPIs are more than metrics. They’re the foundation of your most important decisions. KPIs define success to drive success. This course will explain:

  • How to choose metrics and set targets
  • KPI dashboard tools and tips
  • The process of implementing KPIs
  • Managing and compensating with KPIs
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