Analyzing Financial Decisions

Businesses are constantly faced with difficult financial decisions:

  • Adding staff
  • Buying buildings
  • Buying equipment
  • Adding locations
  • Setting pricing

Do you know how to do the financial analysis for these decisions to make a good investment?

Even if you do, hundreds of studies show that people are prone to decision-making mistakes. Some examples are:

  • Using a simplistic “rule of thumb”
  • Being swayed by irrelevant numbers
  • Trying to answer a hard question by answering one that’s easier but doesn’t solve the problem

Here are tips and tools to help you make good decisions for your business

"Rob has a knack for breaking down complex concepts in to terms that are easily understood by those who do not have a background in finance/accounting. Working with Rob is both fun and rewarding as he tactfully lightens the mood with his sense of humor, while also teaching new concepts or strategies. Rob’s approach is strategic and methodical. His knowledge has been built throughout many years of well-rounded experience and his insights often prove to be invaluable." – Jana Erny, SVP Retail Experience and Operations

"Rob has the very rare combination of being “good with numbers” AND “good with people”. This shows in his ability to help those he serves reach their financial goals while addressing and resolving the emotional and relational issues that are inevitably intertwined." -Jason Swain, Founder and President, Symbio

CFO Perspective Services

  • Every decision is unique so contact me to let me know what decision you’re making. A standard 3 hour session of running a cash flow projection of your decision is $300. During these sessions, I often calculate how much in additional sales you’ll need to cover the costs (i.e. “breakeven”) on your investments. These breakeven analyses are often the easiest way for small businesses to know if they will likely profit from the investment.
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  • ACE – ACE is a simple strategic planning program for small businesses at a fraction of the cost of most strategic planning programs. You get the framework and coaching for high-level strategic planning all the way to action steps to implement the plan.