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"This was the best CPE class I've taken in a decade!"

- Course Review

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Are you a CPA looking for CPE? I’ve created courses that qualify for CPE. Below are the sites where you can find them. Note that I may receive affiliate income from some of these links.

Sample CPE Course Reviews

"This was the best CPE class I've taken in a decade. It really taught me how to re-evaluate my thought process on many things, not just investment related. The knowledge received from this class is something I truly believe will provide me with a competitive advantage in my profession and in dealing with people on a day-to-day basis."

"Loved the course! I've been doing FP&A for 25 years. This is an excellent overview and thought-provoking. Well done!"

"Excellent content. This will be so helpful for my clients"

"Great presenter. Kept me engaged and he was very knowledgeable about the topic. Course was thought-invoking and I was able to apply the topics to my business throughout the presentation. Our next management meeting is going to be meaningful and productive."

"One of the most engaging teachers on this [CPE] platform, you can tell that he cares and knows about the subject."

"Speaker is extremely knowledgeable and very clear. This is a course I will recommend to my colleagues"

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Analyzing Whether to Add New Locations

Credits: 6.0 Hours

A new location is a major commitment of time and money with the potential to expand a company’s business and increase profits.

New locations also come with risks. Sales may be lower than expected while costs are higher. The new location may pull more resources from existing operations and strategy than anticipated.

I'll give you step-by-step guidance on how to decide whether a new location will likely increase profits or destroy value.

"Great course. A lot of very useful and insightful information and tips for analysis. Much different than most accounting CPE courses." - Course Review

Behavioral Finance

Credits: 5.0 Hours

It’s time to stop yourself from making quick, emotional decisions by allowing yourself to think clearly to reach a better decision. Overcome your destructive financial impulses by understanding common thinking mistakes.

With my Behavioral Finance course, you can avoid costly financial decision-making mistakes. The course will help you to learn science-backed ideas to make better financial decisions.

"Wow...a masterful overview of behavioral economics condensed down to 5 hours" - Course Review

"This is the best Behavioral Finance Course I've taken. The instructor was clear, concise, funny and used real world applications." - Course Review

Better Budgeting

Credits: 10.0 Hours (Text Version). The video version is broken into three courses: The Master Budget and Sub-Budgets, The Budgeting Process, and Budgeting Alternatives

Are you tired of the drama and dysfunction in the business budgeting process? Budgeting consumes a massive amount of time and resources. It's a stressful and busy time.

Are there ways to improve the effectiveness of the investment we make in the budget process? Can we make better budgeting decisions that lead to higher performance?

There are options within and beyond traditional budgeting. Every company should consider these options to discover which could improve their budgeting process.

"Amazing course that will assist anyone who goes through the budgeting process each year. Great step-by-step ideas for each aspect of an annual budget." - Course Review

"This might be the most comprehensive and educational webinar on budgeting. Well organized, thoroughly researched, and full of actionable insight. Outstanding and kudos to the author, thanks for doing this." - Course Review

Business Environmental Analysis

Credits: 2.5 Hours

Business environmental monitoring gathers internal and external data that could affect a company. Business leaders and financial analysts can examine that data to identify implications for their company and develop strategies for those implications. These strategies often mitigate threats or capture opportunities. Companies that better understand their business environment can anticipate and plan for changes, build more accurate financial projections, and allocate resources more effectively.

This course focuses on Finance's role in environmental analysis. You'll learn the types of data that should be monitored by Finance. The course then explains popular models for analyzing that data.

Business Loan Basics

Credits: 2 Hours

Business loans are a vital source of funding for cash flow management. The course begins with ratio analysis and cash flow projections to determine whether loan funding is needed. I then explain how leverage (the use of borrowed funds) magnifies returns but increases risk.

We then explore key loan components like different ways interest is calculated, types of fees, and the multiple terms that can be structured into a loan.

You’ll discover tips that might reduce the interest rate on your loan. I give an overview of the application process. Key documents that are signed at loan closing are described, and the importance of each is explained. I’ll point out important clauses included in these documents.

"I found this course to be extremely informative. The instructor shared a lot of valuable information about banking basics. I enjoyed the course thoroughly and would highly recommend it to others." - Course Review

Common-Size Financial Analysis

Credits: 1.5

Common-size analysis is a powerful tool for financial analysis and decision-making. It's useful for comparing the financial performance and position of different companies, especially those of different sizes. It also helps to identify trends and patterns over time within a company and across entities. This is very useful for business environmental analysis, peer benchmarking, and building financial projections.

You may already do some forms of common-size analysis, but may not know all the ways it can provide insights and improve projections.

Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics

Credits: 6.0

This class provides a financial overview of the entrepreneurial journey from startup to operational decisions to exit planning. You’ll hear from a business banker guest speaker who explains what lenders look at when deciding whether to make a loan to a small business.

You’ll learn:

  • Financial struggles of small businesses
  • Small business cash flow management
  • Key small business financial metrics
  • Pricing and profitability analysis

"Outstanding course - I really enjoyed the general layout. Great mix of going in-depth on the more vital parts of financial management of a start-up" - Course Review

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards

KPIs are more than metrics. They’re the foundation of your most important decisions. KPIs define success and measure your progress toward achieving that success. This course explains:

  • How to choose metrics and set targets
  • KPI dashboard tools and tips
  • The process of implementing KPIs
  • Managing and compensating with KPIs

"This course covers reasons for KPIs, a clear pathway for implementation, and thoughtful consideration of their best presentation" - Course Review

"I really liked this course. It provides a great way to step back and think about your KPIs and how to drive interest and adoption among staff. Highly recommend." - Course Review

Managing Cash Flow

Credits: 3 Hours

This course shows you how to assess current and future cash flows. You'll learn techniques that can increase cash flow and reduce dips in cash flow. I'll list critical sources of cash for businesses, along with the pros and cons of major sources.

I'll explain how to prepare a cash flow projection. You'll discover a company’s sustainable growth rate and how to increase it. I'll show you how leverage can increase growth, profit, and cash. Leverage also comes with risks, and I'll explain how to manage those risks.

"Absolutely fantastic course! Makes me want to delve into this more. Thank you!!!" - Course Review

"I was very impressed with this course. It gave a great overview of what cash management is, what metrics are useful, and what strategies are best for different situations. Highly recommend!" - Course Review

Marginal Profitability Analysis

Credits: 1.5 Hours

Marginal Profitability Analysis provides relevant decision information for setting prices, product design and product profitability. 

The course starts by defining marginal costs and marginal profits and then explains how to calculate marginal profitability. You will learn how to create cost-volume-profit (CVP) analyses and breakeven analysis. 

The course provides practical examples of making decisions with marginal profitability analysis. Examples include determining optimal production amounts, which products to promote, and how to calculate the profit impact of a price change. A worksheet template is provided for this analysis.

"Great representation of daily decision making in real business scenarios." - Course Review

"Love Rob's presentations. Very pertinent info and does a great job getting the information across." - Course Review

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Credits: 3.0

What performance secret can you learn from Google, Intel, and Intuit?
Objectives and Key Results, also known as OKRs, have become very popular as a way to improve company performance. They have powered success at companies like Google, Intel, and Intuit.

OKRs can improve focus, engagement, innovation, and performance. I'll walk you step-by-step through how to implement OKRs at your company.

"Great ways to measure and score key initiatives that a company wants to achieve. Every company would be better off using Objectives and Key Results." - Course Review

Pricing for Profitability

Credits: 6.0 Hours (Text Version). The video version is broken into three courses: Pricing Profitability Analysis and Processes, Pricing Profitably for your Product's Value, and Pricing Profitably in the Face of Competition

Will your price change increase - or destroy - profit? I'll walk you through how to see price changes from your customers' eyes and measure potential profit outcomes from a price change. 

"Companies that actively pursue pricing as an important part of their strategy typically outperform industry peers on several financial metrics… Companies that are pricing leaders are 26 percent better at managing true profitability." - Deloitte pricing effectiveness benchmark study

Rolling Forecasts

Credits: 2.5

Move beyond outdated budgets by quickly building driver-based forecasts that give your company a clearer view of the future.

Annual budgets quickly lose their accuracy and relevance as the fiscal year progresses. A rolling forecast is a tool many companies have implemented to maintain an accurate financial picture of the future and to continuously promote strategic thinking. Some companies replace traditional budgets with rolling forecasts and other processes.

SBA Loans: Funding and Resources for Small Businesses

Credits: 2.5

Discover SBA loan programs and resources that could help your business. This course helps business owners and their advisors better understand the purpose of SBA loan programs, who's eligible, and whether U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are the right funding for the business.

Understanding all the SBA loan programs, where to get more info, and where to find lenders can be daunting. I'll give you two template that summarize this for you and help you quickly get the information you need.

"Excellent overviews and resource guides for my work. Best SBA loan recap I've ever seen." - Course Review

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