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Get the tools, guidance, and support for superior business performance.

FAST (Finance and Strategy Toolkit) is the membership program that gives you the resources for better strategic financial management. You get all the CFO Perspective courses. Get direct access to me as well tools for improved decisions that lead to superior business performance.

The right tools save you time, reduce your stress, and improve your effectiveness.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar?

  • Poor profits and cash flow
  • Bad decisions that waste time and money
  • Poor planning producing poor performance
  • Reacting to the market instead of executing a strategic plan
  • Decisions made with "gut instinct" instead of solid analysis
  • Everything is a priority, so nothing is a priority

Are you ready to move your company forward? Would you like...

  • Less stress?
  • Clarity on where to take your business and the best way to get there?
  • Better decisions that lead to improved performance?
  • A clear plan to act on?
  • Forward-looking strategic insights?
  • To be a trusted advisor for driving higher profits?

“Absolutely fantastic course! Makes me want to delve into this more. Thank you!!!” – review of Improve Your Cash Flow Course

Save time, reduce your stress, and improve your company's performance with FAST's Tools, Guidance, and Support.


Downloadable tools like strategic planning worksheets, a cash flow projection template, key performance indicator templates, and more to jump-start profitable planning and action.


You have access to all the courses and video lessons. I'll walk you step-by-step through making better business decisions and improved financial management.


You get access to me to answer your questions or talk about ideas. Get short email answers, unlimited quick 15-minute Zoom calls, and a one-hour check-in.

Business owners and staff sign up for FAST for resources to improve their company. Business advisors (e.g. coaches, consultants, CPAs, accountants) join FAST to improve their skills and better help their clients. They also refer their clients to FAST.

I truly got more than I paid for… I highly recommend CFO Perspective for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Andrew Ridley


I’ve learned so much in FAST. The cash flow course and template provided tools we needed to evaluate our growth and plan for the future. Rob also took the time to review it with me and provide valuable insight.

Bridget Mentel

Energy Partners

For Business Staff and Advisors

Are you a coach, consultant, CPA, or accountant that works with small businesses? FAST is popular with advisors like you. You get:

  • Courses and resources to better serve your clients.
  • Tools and templates to use with your clients.
  • Access to Rob for financial questions about how best to serve your client
  • Ideas to provide better financial guidance to your clients

Many advisors refer their clients to FAST to give their clients the financial tools for success.

"Excellent breakdown of the purpose of dashboards, pros and cons of targets and compensation impacts and the steps to create KPIs." – Jeff Spillane, review of KPI course

The Tools and Topics You Need to Increase Profits

FAST takes you from strategic insights to tactical implementation of improved financial management. Topics include:

Business Growth

Growth may power profits and cash flow but may also cause massive losses and lost time. A little analysis can help you anticipate your outcome and better prepare you for positive returns.

Featured Courses

  • Create a Cash Flow Projection with a 12-Month Template
  • Analyzing Whether to Add New Locations
  • Better Budgeting
  • Business Loan Basics

Featured Tools

  • Business Growth Checklist
  • New Location Analysis
  • 7 Ways to Get the Best Loan Pricing
  • Cash Flow Projection Template

Cash Flow

Cash is the lifeblood of business. Profits are great but cash pays the bills. Weak cash flow is stressful and distracting. Strong cash flow helps you weather challenges capture opportunities.

Featured Courses

  • Improve Your Cash Flow
  • Create a Cash Flow Projection with a 12-Month Template
  • Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics

Featured Tools

  • Cash Flow Projection Template
  • Cash Metrics Guide
  • Cash Metric and Trend Analysis
  • Quick Tips for Improved Cash Flow

Decision Analysis

Good decisions come from good analysis and a good decision process. The study of behavioral finance has shown we all consistently fall for business decision-making errors. You'll learn how to avoid these errors and build analysis for better decisions. Better decisions lead to better performance.

Featured Courses

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Analyzing Whether to Add New Locations
  • Marginal Profitability Analysis

Featured Tools

  • Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis Template
  • Pricing Strategy Worksheet
  • New Location Analysis
  • Two Variable Data Table

Performance Management

Great planning is worthless without execution. Get the process and tools to identify, measure, and manage the drivers of company performance.

Featured Courses

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Featured Tools

  • KPI Implementation Checklist and Guidelines
  • How to Present KPI Metrics Worksheet
  • OKR Template
  • KPI Dashboard Template

Strategic and Business Planning

Business success comes from creating value. Clarify and increase the value your company creates for customers, employees, and owners. A clear business purpose leads to a clear vision and plan.

Featured Courses

  • Creating Value
  • Better Budgeting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards

Featured Tools

  • One Page Strategic Plan Template
  • Vision and Mission Formation Worksheets
  • Three D's Worksheet
  • Pricing Strategy Worksheet

“A truly comprehensive and detailed course about getting a business loan. Whether you are an experienced business owner or a first time buyer, I'm sure you'll find this valuable. I sure did! (And I have about 20 pages of notes to prove it!)” – Jack, review of Business Loan Basic course

Trusted Insights

The processes you'll learn are focused and effective. You will gain insights and powerful tried and tested tools to help you design your strategy and make financial decisions with confidence. And my insights are getting some attention.

CFO Perspective has been featured in…

“An investment in decision-making improvement may have a higher return than almost anything else a company can do.”

– Harvard Business Essentials: Decision Making


You're Not Alone in FAST

Most course sites have no one to talk to when you have questions. You get expert answers with FAST.

Business financial management can be frustrating. Sometimes all you need are quick tips or someone you trust to point you in the right direction. You may have the analysis but want to talk about the best way to communicate it.

As a FAST member, you can schedule a quick 15-minute call with me to discuss questions you have about tools or programs in FAST. You can also email your questions to me.

You also get a one-hour Zoom or phone chat with me once per year. Let me point you in the right direction for making the right financial decisions. We can work together to craft the message that can move your company forward. Advisors, I can walk you through how to help your clients make better financial decisions and strategies.

You’ll understand and apply FAST resources to your business to get the most value for your membership.

Get Access to the All the Programs of CFO Perspective in One Membership for Increased Clarity, Focus, and Results

GUIDANCE - Get ALL The CFO Perspective Courses

New courses are added throughout the year.

Here's a list of some of the course you get with your FAST membership.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards

KPIs are more than metrics. They’re the foundation of your most important decisions. KPIs define success to drive success.

KPIs are a critical but often overlooked part of growing a successful business. With well-defined and well-managed KPIs, you can align your company’s vision from the ground up and achieve your goals.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Objectives and Key Results, also known as OKRs, have become very popular for improving company performance. They have powered success at companies like Google, Intel, and Intuit.

OKRs improve your company’s performance by increasing focus, trust, cooperation, employee engagement, accountability, and innovation.

Better Budgeting

Are You Tired of the Drama and Dysfunction in the Business Budgeting Process? Budgeting consumes a massive amount of time and resources.

Are there ways to improve the budget process? Can we make better budgeting decisions that lead to higher performance?

There are options within and beyond traditional budgeting. Every company should consider these options to discover which could improve their budgeting process.

Creating Value: Business Success from Shared Value

You get what you value when you provide value to others. Business success comes from creating value for owners, customers, and employees. In this program, you’ll identify exactly what each of these three groups value and how to increase that value – and your success. You get access to this in FAST. Without FAST, this program retails for $97.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Reduce your stress and capture more opportunities by improving your business’s cash flow. Better cash flow means more growth and more profit. You get access to the full program in FAST. Without FAST, this program retails for $97.

“Rob covered all bases on how a company can improve and destroy its cash flow position by either effective or ineffective management.” - Jeffrey Kirsch, Review of Improve Your Cash Flow course

Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics

Ever wanted all the key things you need to know about building a financially successful business in one place? You get a financial overview of the entrepreneurial journey from startup, to operations, to exit planning. You get full access to this program with FAST. Without FAST, the retail price of this course is $147.


Some of the Most Popular Tools (Click on the Tool Name to See More)

Create a Cash Flow Projection with 12 Month Template

This course is filled with videos that walk you step-by-step through how to project your cash flow. I also give you a template that I explain in the videos. Want more help with your template? Just have me work alongside you as a PowerTool.

Business Loan Basics

Learn how to get the right loan at the best price you can with this course. Let me give you the basics to be more prepared and confident to get the loans you need.

7 Ways to Get the Best Loan Pricing

You have more bargaining options than you think when negotiating on a loan. Negotiate from a position of strength. This handy guide has 7 tips that could save you thousands in loan interest costs.

Klontz Money Script Inventory (KMSI)

The Klontz Money Script Inventory (KMSI) helps you identify money beliefs that may be sabotaging your personal and business finances. This science-backed assessment can help reduce beliefs that hold you back financially.

Mission Formation Worksheet

Defining your mission will create the boundaries and criteria for choosing your company’s priorities. Your mission says what you do and what you don’t do. This worksheet helps you define the mission of your business. Your mission is a short summary of what your company does to achieve your vision.

Pricing Strategy Worksheet

This helps you set your pricing strategy. You list the pricing strategy of each product over time and how each product fits with other products to guides customers from low-value to high-value products. You’ll outline how all your products work together to build value for your customers that leads to more sales and higher profits to you. Use this template to show each employee everything you provide to them. The template totals all the pay and benefits an employee receives.

Total Compensation Template

When employees can see everything you provide to them, they are amazed at the total value of it. Employees who know the total compensation they receive are less likely to forget the benefits they receive from you when considering offers from your competitors.

Vision Formation Worksheet

A popular saying is “When your vision is clear, the decisions are easy.” Your vision sets the long-term direction for your company. It often inspires and motivates. This worksheet helps you define the vision for your business. Your vision is what you want your company to look like in 5-10 years.

Owner Tasks – Value Assessment

You have a limited amount of time and energy. When you want to do something new, you must stop doing one of your current tasks. This assessment helps you decide which tasks to stop. This worksheet helps you assess whether you should do one of three options for each of your tasks: keep it, delegate it, or stop doing it.

Couples with Companies

In business, it’s always about relationships. This is especially true when your life partner is also your business partner. Your relationship impacts how you manage your business. Business matters can bleed into personal relationships. How can you forge a common vision for your shared life and company? How can you better understand your personal needs and goals for the business? How does a clear strategy make business decisions easier? In this video, I’ll explore these questions with practical steps to help your business and relationship thrive.

Pricing Strategies for More Profit and Customer Engagement

You’re fulfilling your customers’ dreams. Your customers are delighted with their experience with you. Now, as a business, can you charge for this? Customers are willing to give you their valuable dollars when you give them value. How do your customers know whether your prices are a good deal for the value they are receiving? You’ll learn:

  • The two critical questions to answer for each of your major products/services
  • How your products guide customers through a sales funnel to higher profit products
  • The four pricing strategies in the pricing strategy matrix
  • The three biggest pricing mistakes
  • The toughest sale you’ll have to make

Let Me Be Your Guide

I’ll be your guide and host in FAST! I’m Rob Stephens, Founder of CFO Perspective.

I’ve served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), SVP of Finance, and Director of Operations for multiple companies over the past 25 years. I’ve helped businesses improve their finances as a CPA, financial executive, and business coach. I wrote the book Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards.

And now I’m on a mission to help businesses make better financial decisions. I want to give you the tools and guidance that can increase your effectiveness at driving better business performance. Over 6,000 people have joined my courses and programs. I would love to have you as my next member.

— Rob

Here's a quick reminder of some of what you get in FAST


A financial expert always there for you

  • Book FREE quick calls with me anytime to discuss your financial strategy and questions
  • Unlimited email access for even faster help
  • Plus, a FREE one-hour in-depth call to help you reach your business goals


Self-paced CFO Perspective Courses

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards to give you clarity
  • Better Budgeting: Improve your planning to improve performance
  • Creating Value in your business for greater success
  • Improve Your Cash Flow so you can get to your dream goals




  • Dozens of downloads
  • 9 strategic planning downloads
  • 7 downloads for creating value for you, customers, and employees
  • 8 downloads for improving cash flow

That’s a total of over $1,200 in value!

“I really liked this course. It provides a great way to step back and think about your KPIs and how to drive interest and adoption among staff. Highly recommend.” Geoff Hill, CFO at Donors Choose, review of KPI course.

How Much Would Your Company's Profits Go Up with Better Financial Decisions?

FAST Costs a Fraction of That

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

boil it down for me into three words. Why is FAST so effective?

Support, Guidance, and Tools! FAST empowers effective financial decisions through:

Support: You're not alone like in other courses. You have access to me - I'm available via email, phone or Zoom to personally answer your questions.

Guidance: I can offer FAST at such a low price because I provide the tips and ideas of expensive consultants via convenient on-demand videos.

Tools: Tools make implementing course ideas quick and easy. You have a head start on going from idea to action to results. 

Who is fast for?

FAST is for two groups of people:

  1. Business owners and staff who want to better achieve their business goals through proven financial decision-making processes. You're tired of ineffective results from guesses and poor planning. You're ready to take the next step to learn how to run a business that provides profits and purpose.
  2. Business advisors looking for tools and techniques to better serve their clients. Advisors with expertise in leadership, strategy, marketing, tax, or accounting turn to FAST to learn strategic financial management. You know the basics but clients are asking you questions that you're not certain you can answer. FAST provides on-demand access to videos and tools that can give you those answers. You can also email or talk with me for a consultation to make sure you're on the right track to helping your client toward success.

I’m a business advisor. Is FAST useful for me?

Absolutely! Many FAST members are business advisors. Business advisors (e.g. coaches, consultants, CPAs, accountants) join FAST to improve their skills and better help their clients. They also refer their clients to FAST.

Do you provide coaching?

The calls in FAST are focused on education and guidance on how to use the resources in FAST. If you're looking for personal coaching, you can join my Monthly Financial Coaching program.

What If I'm unsure if FAST is right for me or i decide after joining it's not right for me?

No problem. You deserve to be completely satisfied with what you receive in FAST. You have these easy options.

  • For all members, canceling is as easy as clicking a button. No hassles and no worries.
  • You can cancel FAST anytime in the first 30 days for a full refund. This means you can get the savings of the one-year membership but still have 30 days to make sure FAST is right for you. By the way - I've never been asked to give a refund.

What IF I still have Questions?

Email me at You can also set up short Zoom call or phone call to discuss your questions. 

"This is the best Behavioral Finance Course I've taken. The instructor was clear, concise, funny and used real world applications. I look forward to taking more of his courses." – Julia Kramer, review of Behavioral Finance course

Over 6,000 people have enrolled in CFO Perspective courses and programs.

I would love for you to be the next member!

Kind Words From People Who Took Courses in the FAST Program

"I truly got more than I paid for…I highly recommend CFO Perspective for business leaders and entrepreneurs."
– Andrew Ridley of Altrans

"Love this format and info! It’s getting the creativity flowing again!"
– Ann Long, Burbity Coworking

“Rob Stephens does a fantastic job of explaining key concepts and obviously is very experienced in this field of analysis… He covered all bases on how a company can improve its cash flow.” -Jeffrey Kirsch

Get Clarity, Confidence, and Insight from FAST

 for only


30-day money back guarantee. Cancelling is as easy as clicking a button. No hassles.

Over $1,200 of Value

  • Support: Quick calls, email access, and a one-hour call per year. 
  • Guidance: You get every CFO Perspective course. Over a dozen courses filled with over 100 video lessons and the list keeps growing. Get these at a significant discount compared to buying them individually.
  • Tools: Dozens of valuable downloads.
  • And it just keeps getting better: Your membership rate is locked in for life while the content and value of FAST continue to grow!

Lock in Your Rate for Life

No Increases: The rate you start at is the rate you pay for the life of your membership. I'll keep adding content but you'll still pay the same price. The value you receive keeps getting better and better. Lock in this low rate for the life of your membership!

Join with NO RISK!

There is no risk to you. I think you’ll be impressed with what you receive, but if you’re not, you can quit within the first month. Get a full refund in your first 30 days if it’s not everything you wanted. 

Cancelling is easy. Just go to your membership account and click the "Cancel" button. No hassles!

"I was very impressed with this course. It gave a great overview of what cash management is, what metrics are useful, and what strategies are best for different situations. Highly recommend!" - review of Improve Your Cash Flow Course

Just a small increase in sales or cash flow will more than cover the price of this membership.

And what about the:

  • clarity
  • focus
  • confidence
  • stress reduction
  • FAST can give you?

Do You Want to Lead Your Company to Improved Performance?

I want you to have access to the tools and insights you need to improve your company's success. Join this inner circle where you get the tools, guidance, and support to increase your effectiveness in driving results.

I wish you success. And I wish you well. -Rob

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