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Thank you so much for visiting the CFO Perspective website. This site is loaded with content that shows you how to manage your business finances to achieve your goals.

I’m Rob Stephens, Founder of CFO perspective. Most of my career has been serving leaders like you as a CFO for small and medium-sized businesses.

Those years of experience led to me starting this company to provide financial insights to small businesses. The free tools and articles on this site give you a start toward improved finances.

I package my expertise into efficient courses and programs to fit the budgets of small businesses. Learn how to improve your finances during the times that best fit your schedule with inexpensive self-guided courses. You can also have me join you one-on-one for personalized guidance. Over 1,000 people have joined CFO Perspective courses and programs.

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Clarity. Vision. Cash Flow.

  1. It starts with complete clarity about the purpose of your company. How does your company serve its owners, customers, and employees?
  2. Your company’s purpose creates the vision of where you want your company to be in five years.
  3. Your vision leads to a plan that produces the cash flow to achieve your goals.

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CFO Perspective serves small businesses who want CFO insights but not CFO salaries.