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You Can Achieve Superior Business Performance

You’re a business advisor, owner, or employee that’s ready to elevate your company or your client’s company. You have much of what it takes but something is still missing. Filling that gap with the right tools or knowledge can lead to:

  • Better cash flow and profits
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Confidence from a clear path forward
  • Long-term sustainable growth

CFO Perspective provides courses or a membership program to give you the resources you need.

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I truly got more than I paid for… I highly recommend CFO Perspective for business leaders and entrepreneurs.



I’ve learned so much in FAST. The cash flow course and template provided tools we needed to evaluate our growth and plan for the future. Rob also took the time to review it with me and provide valuable insight.


Signature Financial Planning

Rob was clear, concise, funny, and used real world applications.

CPAs: Get Practical CPE by Taking My Courses

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Get the tools, guidance, and support for superior business performance

FAST (Finance and Strategy Toolkit) is the membership program that gives you the resources for better strategic financial management. You get all the CFO Perspective courses. Get direct access to me as well tools for improved decisions that lead to superior business performance.

The right tools save you time, reduce your stress, and improve your effectiveness.

Get the tools and tips from an experienced guide

I’ve been the CFO of multiple companies and the Director of Operations of a $3 billion company. I’ve set strategy, analyzed decisions, and implemented plans. I’ve had some successes and I’ve got some scars.

I started CFO Perspective to help businesses make better financial decisions. I want you to have the tools and knowledge to lead your company or your client’s company to superior business performance.

“An investment in decision-making improvement may have a higher return than almost anything else a company can do.”

–  Harvard Business Essentials: Decision Making

Let me guide you to the free resources that best help you.

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