Improve Cash Flow

It’s here! Check out my new book – Conquering Cash Flow: The Complete Guide to Small Business Cash Flow Management.

Learn how to manage your cash better so you can improve your cash flow, increase your profits, grow your business, and reduce your stress.

See how the book can improve your cash flow

Lost profits due to poor financial management are common with small businesses.

  • More than half of U.S. businesses have lost $10,000 or more by foregoing a project or sales specifically due to issues created by insufficient cash flow. (Quickbooks study)
  • 82% of small businesses fail because of poor cash flow management skills or poor understanding of cash flow

Increased cash means less stress and more opportunities.

You can increase your cash flow.

All you need is some guidance on how to better manage cash to build your confidence in your business finances.

Here are some resources for you.

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Want all the CFO Perspective resources for one low price? FAST (Finance and Strategy Toolkit) is a membership program that gives you access to a massive collection of resources to increase your success. The right tools save you time, reduce your stress, and improves your effectiveness.

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ACE: Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

ACE is a simple strategic planning program for small businesses that’s included in FAST. You get the framework for high-level strategic planning all the way to action steps to implement the plan.

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