Is an SBA Loan Right for You? SBA Loan Pros and Cons.

Are SBA Loans the Right Funding for Your Business?

Deciding whether an SBA loan is right for you means weighing the pros and cons of SBA loans versus other types of loans. I’ll explain some of these pros and cons to help you make a better decision. I'm not a lender, so I can give you an unbiased look at the plusses and minuses of SBA loans. You'll discover 

 - 6 Benefits of SBA Loans: These benefits may make you look closer at how SBA loans could help you.

 - 5 Reasons You May Decide SBA Loans Aren't Right for You: Even if you proceed with an SBA loan, knowing these cons helps you be better prepared for the SBA loan process and requirements.

This video comes from my SBA Loans: Funding and Resources for Small Businesses.

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