Confidence from Simplifying Uncertainty

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Doing nothing from fear of the unknown means lost opportunities. How can you decide whether to proceed without taking on too much risk?  Breakeven analysis provides a reality check for investments you make in your business.

I've built dozens of projections for new products or locations. When I ask someone how much they'll sell, they usually answer, "I don't know." That's very true. You have to make many uncertain estimates. You rarely know how much new product you will sell or what sales will be at a new location. 

Doing nothing from fear of the unknown means lost opportunities. How can you decide whether to proceed without taking on too much risk?

A breakeven analysis calculates how much income you need to cover your expenses. Breakeven analysis provides a reality check for any investment you make in your business. 

Breakeven analysis simplifies the question by figuring out the least amount of sales needed to cover your expenses. It's much easier to answer whether you can exceed the sales needed to break even than to guess your future sales. 

Breakeven also reduces the range of options being decided on. I’ve often modeled a range of scenarios when planning new locations or divisions. The number of outcomes and the probability of each can be overwhelming. Breakeven analysis simplifies a decision to one scenario with a straightforward yes/no question: "Can we do better than the minimum needed for success?"

Are you considering a major investment? Use breakeven analysis as a starting point for analyzing it.

I wish you confidence despite uncertainty. I wish you well.

- Rob Stephens

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