When We Move Beyond Money for Motivation

Quick Insight

Money motivates to a point. After that we have to find something else to keep going. Those other things are more powerful and make us more productive. 

“James found his work intellectually challenging, but never felt inspired or excited by it. The rewards he derived we almost all external. As he moved into his late forties, he hungered for something more” – Jim Loerr and Tony Schwartz in The Power of Full Engagement

James’s story is common. External motivations drove us through the early stages of our career. Then it wasn’t enough. We needed another fuel to keep going.

For James, it meant taking a 60% pay cut to run the public information department of a university. He and his wife made adjustments for his pay change, some of which simplified their life. 

Purpose gave him energy. It also completely changed what he needed in his personal life. Sometimes starting a business focused on purpose and profit takes adjustments in your personal life. If it’s driven by passion, it won’t feel like a big sacrifice.

I wish you the rewards beyond money you seek.  I wish you well.

- Rob Stephens

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