They Almost Killed a Good Thing

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Business partners may work "in" the business don't work "on" the business or their relationship. Over time, the relationship can deteriorate until the partners can no longer work together. Her are some options to help with this.

“I was recently approached by a friend who was running an entrepreneurial venture with a partner. The two of them had built an excellent retail business over five years… Now my friend was thinking about quitting… They were disagreeing more frequently on key decisions. As a result, the job had become more stressful… They had stopped thinking about their individual needs and stopped working on the relationship.” – Robert Steven Kaplan in What You’re Really Meant To Do.

These two are not alone. Over the past two years, I’ve spoken at a conference, done a webinar, and wrote a journal article on conflict between business partners. 

The good news is that the two people featured in the quote above were able to save their relationship and their business. They divided responsibilities differently and started quarterly “time-out” days to discuss their work relationship and business.

If you’re struggling with similar issues, I list some resources I have for you in the Further Insight section below.

I wish you the honesty and bravery needed to keep a good partnership relationship. I wish you well.

- Rob Stephens

Further Insight

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