Rapid Progress Though Short Goal Cycles

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There is a wide variety of practice on how long OKR cycles (or any set of goals) should be. A popular choice is quarterly. However, there are many choices. I list some options.

It’s no wonder that objectives and key results OKRs have been embraced most in areas like Silicon Valley and by startups everywhere. It’s a lightweight process for planning and execution that emphasizes frequent cycles of updates to strategy and process. It balances the tensions between focused effort toward achieving goals with frequent assessments of progress and direction.

There is a wide variety of practices on how long OKR cycles (or any set of goals) should be. A popular choice is quarterly. However, there are many choices. You can set new OKRs every month, every two months, or every six months. You may have some OKRs that last a quarter while also having a set of OKRs that last a year. 

Smaller teams, newer companies, and companies in rapidly changing environments may want to set OKRs for one to three months.

OKRs can also be set at different intervals for different parts of the company. For example, company OKRs could be set quarterly, while teams, departments, or individuals set their OKRs monthly.

- Rob Stephens
Founder of CFO Perspective and the Finance and Strategy Toolkit (FAST)

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