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Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

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What performance secret can you learn from
Google, Intel, and Intuit?

Objectives and Key Results, also known as OKRs, have become very popular for improving company performance. They have powered success at companies like Google, Intel, and Intuit.

OKRs improve your company’s performance by increasing:

  • Focus
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Employee engagement
  • Accountability
  • Alignment
  • Agility
  • Innovation

Simple but Powerful

The structure of OKRs is very simple. An OKR is comprised of:

  • An objective: an outcome you want to achieve
  • Key results: the criteria to measure the achievement of an objective

This simplicity and clarity attract many business leaders to OKRs. It’s what also allows rapid iteration and ease of communication. OKRs focus on frequent iteration and innovation. This promotes setting OKRs across the organization and cross-team coordination.

Each objective is a significant step toward increasing value for your company, employees, and customers. OKRs align your company’s efforts to achieve your company’s strategy. They help with goal setting, decluttering, goal achievement, and so much more.

I’ll walk you from the basics to implementation tips and tricks

In this course, I’ll walk you step-by-step through:

  • The basics and benefits of OKRs: Get a solid foundation of the basics and learn why OKRs are so powerful from becoming cash-flow positive to becoming a market leader.
  • The OKR cycle: I show you the steps from setting your stretch goals to scoring your achievement to help you achieve your sales and profit targets.
  • Managing with OKRs: Master the tips and tricks to implementing OKRs.

"Rob provides great examples of setting and scoring OKRs." - course review

Course Outline

Section 1: The Benefits and Basics of OKRs

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Benefits of OKRs
  • History of OKRs
  • OKRs and Strategy
  • Objectives
  • Key Results

Section 2: The OKR Cycle

  • The OKR Cycle
  • Setting OKRs
  • Stretch Goals
  • Scoring

Section 3: Managing with OKRs

  • Coordination and Alignment
  • Compensation and Management
  • Implementation Tips and Ideas
  • Reporting Tool Options

Section 4: Key Takeaways

  • Key Takeaways

Do OKRs fit a company my size?

Let me point to this high achieving company (at different stages):

Google with 30 employees

Google with hundreds of employees

Google with thousands of employees

If OKRs scaled for Google, they can scale for you.

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Let me be your guide

I’m Rob Stephens, founder of CFO Perspective. CFO Perspective provides finance and strategy guidance to help small businesses succeed. During my career, I’ve been the CFO, SVP of Finance, or Director of Operations of companies from just a few employees to $3 billion in assets and hundreds of employees.

Facilitating the process of picking KPIs, monitoring them, and managing them were key duties at those companies. I have a course on KPIs. However, when I started my small business and worked with other small businesses, KPIs alone and some planning processes I used at larger companies didn’t fit. 

That’s when I became interested in OKRs. The OKR process has served many small businesses well and has become a very popular performance management process. I use it in my business for better performance and would love to show you how you can use it in your business so you can achieve your goals.

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Get the focus, engagement, innovation, and increased performance that OKRs can provide.

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