How a KPI Dashboard Increases Employee Productivity

Quick Insight

Use the KPI dashboard to communicate your business plan to staff. Explain your company’s strategies and projects to employees to provide context for the metrics and targets.

Use your KPI dashboard as a way to communicate your business plan to staff. The metrics and targets specify how success will be measured and what level of performance you’re targeting. Employees want this information to know where the business is going, how they can succeed in their job, and how the company will succeed. The dashboard may also be used to set profit sharing, bonuses, and other incentive compensation.

Explain your company’s strategies and projects to employees to provide context for the metrics and targets. So many times, businesses roll out a project or strategy but don’t fully explain why it’s important to employees. Tie projects and strategies to the metrics and goals of your company.

When employees know your goals, they can also raise ideas for ways to achieve those goals.
When employees know the status of metrics, they know where more effort is needed for success and where the company is doing well.

You don’t have to communicate all your KPIs to all your staff. You may consider some metrics to be confidential and limited to a smaller group of people.

I wish you employees that are motivated and productive. I wish you well.

- Rob Stephens

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