Fear and Excitement From Goals

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Your metrics are not your strategy. They measure key aspects of your strategy. Employees can focus on the metrics at the expense of the company’s success. For each of your metrics, identify how your employees may act, both good and bad, to achieve the target. Performance metrics must be paired with the guardrails of strong company ethics and internal control structure.

The two biggest emotions I’ve felt at the start of goals for a year or project are fear and excitement.

Fear is normal. Stretch goals are daunting. Don’t ignore what people are feeling. Acknowledge it and do what you can to inspire confidence.

One way to do this is to remember past targets that were achieved. Remember how that goal felt at the beginning of the year and then how it was achieved. I’ve been part of senior management teams that set goals that I saw as extremely difficult. We achieved more than I thought. People rise to the challenge. I’ve seen the business environment change during the year to make it easier to achieve goals. Yes, sometimes the environment changes against you, too.

Having goals helps you see more opportunities in your business environment. It’s hard to see what you aren’t looking for.

The second emotion is excitement. It’s fun and motivational to dream of what we can accomplish. Capitalize on this to build energy at the beginning of new KPI targets and business goals. Celebrate your achievements throughout the year to continue the momentum.

I wish you the motivation from fear and excitement to achieve your goals. I wish you well.

- Rob Stephens

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