Balancing Short and Long Term

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Having a cushion of cash allows you to focus on the future.

“Part of being realistic is operating on multiple time frames: dealing with today’s crisis and, at the same time, planting seeds that will allow you to develop your potential in more favorable times and circumstances.” – Robert Steven Kaplan in What You’re Really Meant To Do

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs that operate in two very different ways. Some need the company to produce cash in the near term. They must balance taking gigs and selling for short-term cash against building for the longer-term success of their business.

Others don't need cash today from their company. Entrepreneurs who aren’t pressured to produce short-term cash flow can focus completely on the long-term health of their business. Not all entrepreneurs can wait until they build a large cash cushion before starting their business.

Needing cash puts you in a short-term survival focus. Having a cash cushion of savings gives you freedom to prioritize long-term value.

I wish you the cash liquidity that allows the seeds of your potential to sprout. I wish you well.

- Rob Stephens

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