Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards

A Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard lists the key metrics for your success and your status in achieving those metrics.

68% of respondents to a survey stated that using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) had a positive impact on their organization.

Benefits of KPI dashboards include:

  • Communication of the company’s priorities
  • Clear definitions of success
  • Motivation
  • Continuous feedback for rapid adjustments
  • Accountability

Below are some tips and tools for developing key metrics and monitoring your progress toward success.

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CFO Perspective Services

  • ACE – ACE is a simple strategic planning program for small businesses at a fraction of the cost of most strategic planning programs. You get the framework and coaching for high-level strategic planning all the way to action steps to implement the plan. ACE includes modules on setting your KPI metrics and monitoring them with a KPI dashboard.

  • Creating Value – You get what you value when you provide value to others. Business success comes from creating value for owners, customers, and employees. In this program, you’ll identify exactly what each of these three groups value and how to increase that value – and your success. You monitor your value creation with a KPI dashboard that includes a Value Score.