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"The best investment is in the tools of one's trade" Benjamin Franklin

Cash Flow Projection Template

A cash flow projection is your most important tool to master your cash flow. It can help you:

  • Identify “cash leaks” that are draining your profits
  • Spot periods of low cash flow before they become a crisis
  • Know when you have the cash to capture opportunities
  • Plan your dividends and equity distribution

This easy template will reduce the stress of cash flow surprises and position you to capture the next big opportunity.

You get access to two versions:

  • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
  • Fillable PDF form

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A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think. - Jeff Duntemann

KPI Dashboard

A Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard provides clarity and accountability to turn goals into action. You get regular information about whether your company is on track to accomplish its goals.

This easy-to-use free template will enable you to track your key metrics. There’s no reason to buy expensive software to track your key metrics. You can create your dashboard in Excel or Google Sheets with this template.

Achieve your goals and monitor your company’s performance with this free key performance metrics dashboard.

You get two versions:

  • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Word/Google Docs

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Business Growth Checklist

Business growth provides many benefits, but you must be ready for growth to capture those benefits. Growth can also come with many drawbacks, especially if you aren’t ready for growth. Business owners are often surprised by some of these drawbacks.

This growth checklist will guide you through the critical questions you must ask to decide whether growth is right for you and whether you are ready for profitable growth.

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Prioritization Pack

Carefully choosing what you will do is time well spent. When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Employees are scrambling to keep up with too many tasks. Everyone is frustrated by the lack of direction. Deadlines are missed.

The Prioritization Pack gives you a head start on using four methods to prioritize your goals and tasks. Check out my blog titled “4 Proven Ways to Prioritize Your Goals and Tasks” to learn about the four methods.

The pack includes instructions for each method. It has fillable PDF forms and Excel workbooks to use as templates and make calculations easier. Download it now for a head start on clarity and focus for you and your team.

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Aspirations and Purpose Worksheet

The Aspirations and Purpose worksheet helps you clarify your personal aspirations and business purpose to set the direction for your company.

Many owners chase too many good things without committing to what’s best for them. An old saying is “The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Wouldn’t it be better to get the largest amount of what you want the most?

Clarity of purpose produces elegant simplicity. As the saying goes, “When your vision is clear, the decisions are easy.” You aren’t wasting your time, energy, or money.

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Conquering Cash Flow: The Complete Guide to Small Business Cash Flow Management

This guide will help you:

  • Get your hands around your current and projected cash flows
  • Increase cash flow and reduce dips in cash flow
  • Identify critical sources of cash for your business

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Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator

Reducing your cash cycle time increases your cash balances and profits. Learn more in my article titled Free Your Cash Trapped in the Cash Conversion Cycle.

Learn your cycle time. Even better, estimate how much your cash and profits might go up if you reduced your cycle time.

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Objectives and Tasks Worksheet

This worksheet is part of the ACE program. It will help you map out your quarterly objectives (a.k.a. goals) and the tasks to achieve those objectives.

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Price Change Analysis Worksheet

The free price change analysis template shows you whether changing your price will increase or decrease your profits. More importantly, it shows the price or volumes you need to breakeven on your price change. It’s easy to use because it’s based on Microsoft Excel so you can use Excel or Google Sheets for your analysis.

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