Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Template

The structure of OKRs is very simple. An OKR is comprised of:

  • An objective: an outcome you want to achieve
  • Key results: the criteria to measure the achievement of an objective

This simplicity and clarity attract many business leaders to OKRs. It’s what also allows rapid iteration and ease of communication. OKRs focus on frequent iteration and innovation. This promotes setting OKRs across the organization and cross-team coordination.

Each objective is a significant step toward increasing value for your company, employees, and customers. OKRs align your company’s efforts to achieve your company’s strategy. They help with goal setting, decluttering, goal achievement, and so much more.

My free OKR template for Excel or Google Sheets lets you quickly build your list of objectives and key results. You can then easily monitor your progress toward achieving your goals. 

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