CFO Perspective is a new chapter that allows me to provide owners of small business the access to CFO-level expertise on a coaching or project basis that I have previously provided to the companies I worked for. Here as some quotes from people I worked with at those companies. Please contact me if you would to talk more about how I can serve you.

“There are so many unknowns when opening a new small business; it can be down-right scary. That’s why it would be hard for me to put a value on having Rob Stephens on my team. Rob’s guidance and counsel has taken a lot of the fear out of opening my own shop. His guidance and confidence in me has been invaluable. He’s helped me to sort through the unknowns and taught me to take things one step at a time, starting with the most important tasks first – and he even helped me to figure out what those ‘most important’ task were! Rob is patient, thorough, and intuitive. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for support.”

CJ Curtis, Owner and Operator of The Garden Coffee and Local Eats

“Rob is one of my favorite people to work with. He’s an extremely good communicator, both in how he frames discussions as well as being prepared for what questions and conversational paths will come up. He also explains complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand – pitching his pace and the amount of information he’s providing based off my varying degree of understanding. This makes it incredibly easy to work together. There is an implicit trust that no matter what I ask, he will provide a thoughtful and insightful answer. He also has a self-effacing sense of humor which is quite honestly disarming, and has managed to convince me that Finance can actually be fun.”

Jen O’Callaghan, SVP of Marketing, Numerica Credit Union

“I am an optometrist and I’ve been in practice in Spokane since 2000. I’ve always liked and have done well in math. It took me quite a few years to realize that being good at math does not necessarily mean I can effectively analyze the many important financial numbers of my practice. It is much better, and a much better use of my time to utilize the talents of someone that deciphers financial numbers professionally. CFO Perspective filled that gap for us. I feel fortunate that our small optometry clinic was able to benefit from an analysis from a Chief Financial Officer with decades of experience, wisdom that would typically be inaccessible to small businesses. Rob Stephens has a calm, reassuring manner and heart of a teacher. He has been a pleasure to know and is very effective at the service he provides. Thank you CFO Perspective!”

Dr Nils W Ohlsen, Outlook Vision

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Rob for the past several years and I can say he brings a unique and highly desirable skill set to assist any business owner in making that business operate more efficiently and more profitably. He has the ability to assess a situation, get to the core issue or issues, come up with the best solution, and explain it in way that lets you know he considered multiple scenarios and still make the solution understandable and feasible. He is passionate about helping business owners succeed, is intelligent and knowledgeable, and is a great communicator, facilitator, and teacher. And he does all this in a fun and approachable manner. I would highly recommend him as part of my tool box in managing and operating a business.”

Greg Hansen, SVP Business Services and Retail Lending, Numerica Credit Union

“I have known Rob for years and he is an asset anyone would value. He is always positive, with a smile on his face, and is a joy to work with. Also, he is exceptionally capable, instilling confidence in his work. I would never hesitate to ask Rob for help and I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone needing assistance… I would recommend Rob without hesitation. If fact, I have my own business and as I type this up, I am thinking I need to call him and ask for his insights.”

Joel Hughes, Consultant/Principal, Community Link Consulting

“CFO Perspective’s Rob Stephens has been an invaluable resource to Lutheran Communities NW. Rob was the chair of the Board and Finance Committee during a period of unprecedented grown. Rob helped us make sense of the financial complexities in the market filled with changing regulations. He has the integrity and skill set we are looking for in a good partner. He can also speak in financial terms anyone can understand and while making it fun.”

David Duea, President and CEO, Lutheran Community Services Northwest

“Rob has the very rare combination of being “good with numbers” AND “good with people”. This shows in his ability to help those he serves reach their financial goals while addressing and resolving the emotional and relational issues that are inevitably intertwined.”

Jason Swain, Founder and President, Symbio

“Rob has a knack for breaking down complex concepts in to terms that are easily understood by those who do not have a background in finance/accounting. Working with Rob is both fun and rewarding as he tactfully lightens the mood with his sense of humor, while also teaching new concepts or strategies. Rob’s approach is strategic and methodical. His knowledge has been built throughout many years of well-rounded experience and his insights often prove to be invaluable.”

Jana Erny, SVP Retail Experience and Operations, Numerica Credit Union

“Rob Stephens gifted the Board of Directors at Lutheran Community Services with his financial wisdom while serving as Chair of the Financial Committe and then as Board President. Rob knew how to translate financial speak to make it relevant to those without professional training in finance and money management. Rob is a man of integrity. Although his board positions were unpaid, he approached his responsibilities with an earnest commitment. Rob shows a genuine interest in the well being of others, has exceptional interpersonal skills, and has shown a passion for helping others by bringing knowledge of money management to those for whom it is a foreign subject.”

Dr. Heavin Maier, Optometric Physician, Eyes For Life

It’s been and honor and privilege to work with these people over the years. You can also hear that it was a lot of fun for all of us. Please contact me if you would to talk more about how I can serve you.