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Thank you so much for visiting the CFO Perspective website.  This site is loaded with content that will allow you to improve the cash flow of your business and achieve your goals.

You may be a master technician or strategist.  You have vision and skill but need someone with high-level financial management skills to turn ideas into business success. 

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I’m Rob Stephens, Founder of the CFO perspective. Most of my career has been serving leaders like you as a CFO or SVP of Finance for small and medium-sized businesses.  

Those years of experience led to me starting this company to provide financial insights to small business owners.  The free content on this site and my consulting services can give you the competence and confidence to increase your cash flow to achieve your goals.  Let me show you how.

Have you ever been to one source that blends these insights for you?
– Financial strategy and management of small businesses
– Personal financial insights for small business owners
– Communication between partners on financial management
– The spiritual and emotional foundation that provides purpose and direction for your business

This site and my services focus on strategic financial management.  

  1. It starts with dreams that are clarified into big goals.  
  2. These goals create the vision toward which the company is aligned.
  3. This is followed by operational excellence that produces the cash flow to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here are the key ways I help you on this site.

The CFO Perspective Blog

The blog page is a treasure trove of insights into financial management and it’s all free for you.  You can search for specific topics or browse the categories.  Click here to visit the Blog Page.

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Consulting and Coaching

Consulting allows me to work directly with you and apply the concepts on this site to your particular situation.  Concepts are worthless without action, and action is often motivated by accountability.  You can tap into my experience and receive customized guidance while I help you turn ideas into reality.  Check out more details on the Consulting Page

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Rob for the past several years and I can say he brings a unique and highly desirable skill set to assist any business owner in making that business operate more efficiently and more profitably. He has the ability to assess a situation, get to the core issue or issues, come up with the best solution, and explain it in way that lets you know he considered multiple scenarios and still make the solution understandable and feasible. He is passionate about helping business owners succeed, is intelligent and knowledgeable, and is a great communicator, facilitator, and teacher. And he does all this in a fun and approachable manner. I would highly recommend him as part of my tool box in managing and operating a business.”

Greg Hansen, SVP Business Services and Retail Lending, Numerica Credit Union

About Rob

Over the years I’ve served in executive financial positions for companies with 30 employees to hundreds of employees. I have a master’s degree in financial planning and served as the Program Manager for a group of investment advisors with $170 million of assets under management.  I also rounded this out by building skills to help people improve how they think and behave with money.  If you want to learn more, check out the About Page for more info about me or the Testimonials Page.

“Rob has the very rare combination of being ‘good with numbers’ AND ‘good with people’. This shows in his ability to help those he serves reach their financial goals while addressing and resolving the emotional and relational issues that are inevitably intertwined.”

Jason Swain, Founder and President, Symbio

Thank You for Visiting

The resources on this site and the services I provide are my dream job of serving small business owners like you.  Thank you again for visiting this site and I hope you find great value here.  It’s my honor to help you reach your goals.  It’s truly one of the most fulfilling things for me.  

God bless and I wish you well.