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Hundreds of CPAs, accountants, consultants, and coaches have tapped into CFO Perspective programs. Let’s work together to improve the finances of small businesses.

My mission is to provide access to CFO-level resources and insights at a price that fits small business budgets. I want even the smallest companies to be able to tap into this. I do this directly through FAST and by providing resources to advisors like you.

I don’t compete with advisors. Instead, I help you better serve your small business clients. My mission is for us to work together to improve the financial management of small businesses.

Here are ways I’ve helped small business advisors like you:

  • FAST program:Most advisors choose the FAST (Finance and Strategy Toolkit) program. This program provides huge value for advisors. You get access to many programs and resources to better serve your small business clients. Learn more about FAST.
  • Client referral to my resources: FAST and my courses provide a wealth of knowledge and tools to small businesses at a very reasonable prices. Advisors often refer their clients to my resources when the client is unwilling to pay consulting fees or when the advisor doesn’t provide coaching in the finance focus of FAST.
  • Individual courses: Some advisors choose to take my individual courses to improve their skills and better serve customers. This is mainly done by CPAs, who can take many of my courses for CPE credit via CPE sites.
  • Brought me in as a finance or strategy specialist: I’ve done this in various capacities. Please call me at 509-202-4652 or email me via the contact page if you want to bring me in for these services. Advisors have:
  • Consulted directly with me about something they are working on with a client.
  • Brought me in as a finance and strategy specialist subcontractor under them. In this scenario, they have the contract with the client and then contract with me for specific services.
  • Referred clients to me for consulting. Advisors do this when they don’t provide the finance services I provide.

Get Access to the Full Finance and Strategy Toolkit

Want all the CFO Perspective resources for one low price? FAST (Finance and Strategy Toolkit) is a membership program that gives you access to a massive collection of resources to increase your success. The right tools save you time, reduce your stress, and improve your effectiveness.

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