Cash Flow Planning for 2021

Cash Flow Planning for 2021

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This webinar is for you if you:

  •  Are tired of the stress of cash flow “surprises”
  • Are missing opportunities
  • Slow to capture opportunities
  • Made a significant change in your business in 2020
  • Have ideas for next year but no plan. Hope they work.

Solid strategic planning leads to profits. The core test of the profitability of your plan is a cash flow projection. In this webinar, I’ll show you the insight you can gain from a cash flow projection. 

I’ll show you how to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Be more ready to capture opportunities
  • Have clarity on what it takes financially for your goals to become reality
  • Start preparing now for where you want to be next year

I’ll walk you step-by-step through a sample cash flow projection so you can see a practical example.

You’ll learn:

  • Two major sources of cash flow decreases that surprise business owners
  • How growth impacts cash flow
  • Two sources of funding for temporary cash flow needs (one of them is not a business loan)
  • Tips for companies in a cash crunch or low cash flow
  • How a cash flow strengthens your business strategy and plans

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