Customer Dreams Worksheet

Who are your customers?

Who do they want to be?

Common selling wisdom is to sell benefits and not features. People care most about how their life will be better. The features are just proof that your product or service can deliver the benefits.

Carmine Gallo, the author of Talk Like TED, summarizes this as “Sell dreams, not products.”

In an Inc. article titled “The Hidden Reasons Why Customers Buy Your Products,” Katlin Smith states, “People make purchases that fit who they are or who they aspire to be (or both). Who are your customers? Who do they want to be? Determine this. Keep it in mind at all times.”

These experts all point to the same concept: The ultimate reason a person buys your product or service is to achieve their dreams. As Katlin Smith says, our job is to figure out what customer aspirations we fulfill.

In this worksheet, you’ll identify the dreams of your customers and how you fulfill them. You can then clearly communicate the value you provide to customers. 

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