Small Business Financial Consulting and Coaching

Face Your Finances with Confidence

You have the idea.  You know your goal.  Getting there takes a well-built financial strategy and implementation map.  But owning a small business can be a lonely job and you feel like you are a “jack of all trades and master of none.” You’re tired of the missed opportunities and stress caused by trying to manage your financial strategy without expert advice. You may need help to:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Gain clarity on your long-term business strategy and shorter-term plans
  • Cut through the clutter of numbers to identify and measure the key measures of success
  • Determine the most profitable opportunities for your business
  • Maximize your pricing strategy
  • Overcome thinking errors that hamper your success
  • Forge a common strategy with a business partner
  • Gain confidence in a significant financial decision
  • Optimize business cash flows for your personal cash flow needs

This site is full of guidance on how to achieve these results.  The blog and resource pages can give you the raw materials for financial management success.

But maybe you want financial management guidance that’s tailored for your particular situation.  You’re busy as the master technician or visionary of your business and need the occasional expertise of a high-level financial expert.

Hiring a CFO would be nice but you don’t have a big enough budget yet to afford that. That’s where CFO Perspective can give you CFO-level advice for a fraction of the cost of a part-time or full-time CFO.

Tap into my expertise to build your company’s financial strength and stability. Your stress will go down and your ability to capture more profit will go up. You can access this through monthly calls or project-based work. Most of my services are provides via phone calls, video calls, or online so I can work with anyone in the United States and Canada.

Monthly Financial Strategy Calls and Unlimited Email Access

Financial Strategy Calls with Email Access

This is the best option if you want continuous improvement of your financial process and enhanced access to me. We will have a one-hour coaching call once a month. You can email questions to me throughout the month via a special email address that’s only for consulting clients.

Each month we address a different strategic financial management topic of your choice. Between meetings, you have email access to me through a special email address that’s only for consulting clients.

“Rob is one of my favorite people to work with. He’s an extremely good communicator, both in how he frames discussions as well as being prepared for what questions and conversational paths will come up. He also explains complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand – pitching his pace and the amount of information he’s providing based off my varying degree of understanding. This makes it incredibly easy to work together. There is an implicit trust that no matter what I ask, he will provide a thoughtful and insightful answer. He also has a self-effacing sense of humor which is quite honestly disarming, and has managed to convince me that Finance can actually be fun.”

Jennifer O’Callaghan, SVP of Marketing, Numerica Credit Union

Every call will end with a set of takeaways from the call and ideas to implement.  There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel the consulting engagement at any time. You can live anywhere in the U.S. or Canada since all the work is done via calls and emails.

You can visit my About Page to learn more about my experience and expertise. 

Through consulting you receive:

  • CFO-Level Insights: You gain access to my CFO experience
  • Business and Personal Finance Coordination: My knowledge of personal financial planning can help optimize your business for your personal financial needs.  
  • Decision Clarity: The more complex a decision, the more you need to understand the thinking errors that can cloud your judgment.  I can help to provide clarity.
  • Support for Tough Decisions: Some business decisions are fraught with emotional and relational conflicts.  My knowledge of financial therapy allows me to help guide you through this.

Monthly calls with unlimited email access to me are $250/month. Monthly financial strategy coaching calls give you access to the expertise and insights of an experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost of hiring a CFO. Keep your overhead low by outsourcing the bookkeeping to an inexpensive accountant but receive strategic financial management guidance during monthly coaching calls with unlimited email support.

It’s simple to see if this is the right move for both of us.  Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to explain your situation and goals.  Sometimes the call ends with me providing a couple of ideas for you to pursue.  Most times we develop a clear scope of how we work together to improve your business.

“CFO Perspective’s Rob Stephens has been an invaluable resource to Lutheran Communities NW. Rob was the chair of the Board and Finance Committee during a period of unprecedented grown. Rob helped us make sense of the financial complexities in the market filled with changing regulations. He has the integrity and skill set we are looking for in a good partner. He can also speak in financial terms anyone can understand and while making it fun. “

David Duea, President and CEO, Lutheran Community Services Northwest


Financial Consulting Project

You may have a specific need that will take many hours of project time to develop and implement.  Examples of projects include:

  • Identifying which products make or lose money for you
  • Better understand your cash flows and how to increase your cash.  This could include a custom cash flow projection that helps prevent a cash crisis.
  • Business plan creation and strategy monitoring
  • Annual strategic planning
  • Identify the key performance indicators for your business and set up an easy and quick “dashboard” monitoring system of them. 

If the time needed for the project is unclear, I can assist you at an hourly rate of $200/hour.  It’s much better for both of us if we can set a clear outline of the project and I can quote you a flat price for the project.

Schedule a 15-minute consultation call to learn what I can do for you. You can also check out my Testimonials Page or About Page to learn more.

“Rob has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into terms that are easily understood by those who do not have a background in finance/accounting. Working with Rob is both fun and rewarding as he tactfully lightens the mood with his sense of humor, while also teaching new concepts or strategies. Rob’s approach is strategic and methodical. His knowledge has been built throughout many years of well-rounded experience and his insights often prove to be invaluable.”

Jana Erny, SVP Retail Experience and Operations, Numerica Credit Union