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Start Stop Continue: Template and Examples for How to Focus on Value

Feedback is important to running a successful business. After all, it lets people better understand their current performance and identify ways to improve. “Once the feedback is given, the employee learns [more efficient ways] of doing things,” writes Sara Pollock, the marketing head for ClearCompany. “When the employee begins their new, streamlined practice, they will […]

Go from Flying Blind to Focused with this Excel KPI Dashboard Template

Guide your small business to success with a simple small business key performance indicator (KPI) worksheet template for Excel or Google Sheets You don’t need to use a KPI dashboard to run your business. You don’t need to drive your car with a speedometer or a gas gauge. And you don’t need your mobile phone […]

How Does Value Creation Lead to Business Success?

Business success comes from value creation for owners, customers, and employees. Value is being built or destroyed throughout your business. What’s the purpose of your business? Some would define it as profitability, cash flow, security, or freedom. The purpose of a business is to serve the values of you as the owner. Its purpose is […]

Pricing Strategy Matrix of Profit Stars and Supporting Cast

These new product pricing strategies build lasting customer loyalty and value. Both current and future pricing are part of the definition of a good product pricing strategy. You’ve put in the hard work to build your new product. It’s finally ready for sale. You have one critical decision left. What is your pricing strategy? You […]

4 Proven Ways to Prioritize Your Goals and Tasks

Use these four methods to prioritize goals and tasks to focus on what’s important. You have lots of ideas. It’s time for action. It’s time to pick one thing and get it done. What’s most important? I’ll show you some practical ways you can prioritize goals and tasks. Carefully choosing what to do next is […]

Hidden Opportunities for Your Burned-Out Employees

Improve employee satisfaction and increase efficiency by letting your burned-out employees focus on what they do best. I’m sure you’ll agree overwhelmed and burned-out employees are a problem with every company. It’s particularly severe in overworked nonprofit agencies. A nonprofit coaching client told me they had too many tasks and not enough staff. We used […]

First Steps for Small Business Owners Starting a Retirement Plan

The first questions small business owners must ask before selecting the best retirement plan for their business. Retirement plans provide many benefits to small business owners and employees. You may have heard of popular plans like 401(k)s but there are many more choices for small business owners. How do you choose between them? Picking the […]

Avoid These Business Decision-Making Errors That Can Sabotage You

We like to think our business decision-making process is completely rational. Unfortunately, that’s a delusion. We are prone to thinking errors that are very irrational. How many times have you done the following? Didn’t give up on a losing product or project because you had already invested so much into it you thought you couldn’t […]

Key Performance Indicators Guide Your Company to Success

You don’t need another number.  You already have more numbers than you know what to do with.  There is so much information coming to you from your business that the key performance indicators that matter most get drowned out in the noise of numbers. A client showed me their business’s dashboard. I kept scrolling down […]